Week 2 – Creating A Digital Brain

This is the second week I am working on this month-long project. If you are new, check out my first week update here! The project I am building is a second brain for a quilt shop called The Quilted Windmill. I am creating a digital space where they can store information, procedures, and systems. My goal for this project is to:

  • Help the owner to manage her business and customers
  • Help current and new employees get information and maintain consistency

This month I am going to be:

  • Gathering and organizing information
  • Creating an easy to manage system
  • Managing a large project
  • Building a system that can be added to overtime
  • Documenting my work 

What Have I Done This Week?

This week I focused on the main page of my project. 

The Steps/Info Board’s purpose is for:

  • Step by step procedures on various tasks
  • Answers to the common employee or customer questions
  • Tips on how to solve situations that might arise
  • Information an employee might need including other employee contact info

I brainstormed on what aspects of the business I could add as sub-pages. I listed all the categories and began to add information that I knew. I understand this business’s system and know how to add inventory so I created a step-by-step list for how to add inventory. 

The beauty of this project is that I don’t have to know everything. It can be added to overtime. New questions, procedures, and information can be added, and grow with the company. 

Along with this sub-page, I added Toggle to the other sub-pages with questions that could come up and procedures that could be listed. 

I made a walkthrough video explaining how I managed this project.

What Did I Do Well?

  • I was sure to be specific with the categories I thought to add. 
  • I pushed to cover various bases to demonstrate what this digital brain can do for the owner. 
  • I was specific with the due dates in my project management system. 
  • I kept on top of my time management with my Trello project management. 

What Could Be Improved?

I had a lot of other things going on this past week. It took more of my work time than I anticipated. Next week, I am going to give track practice, meals, and events more time in my schedule. I’ve underestimated how long those tasks take to complete. If I block more time for those, I can accurately plan my work week. 

What I’ll Be Doing Next Week 

Next week I’ll be focusing on:

  • Creating pages for current processes that are kept on paper
  • Customizing the templates to fit the process
  • Documenting my progress
  • Posting my progress
  • Updating the SOP for the system I’m building
  • Updating my landing page
  • Week 3 update post!

Check out my full project here!


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