Week 4 – Documentation

This post is part of my month-long project. Check out my first week update here, my second week here, and my third week here! The project I am building is a digital brain for a quilt shop called The Quilted Windmill. I am creating a digital space where they can store information, procedures, and systems. My goal for this project is to:

  • Help the owner to manage her business and customers
  • Help current and new employees get information and maintain consistency

This month I am going to be:

  • Gathering and organizing information
  • Creating an easy to manage system
  • Managing a large project
  • Building a system that can be added to overtime
  • Documenting my work 

What Have I Done This Week?

This week I focused on my documentation. I created a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for my project and a landing page

My outline for the SOP consists of a:

  • Project intro
  • How to this digital brain is a solution to the company’s problems
  • How to use the system and all its pages
  • General Notion functions

I also created a landing page for this month-long project. It consists of every weekly update and an in-depth overview of my project. Click the link at the bottom of this page if you’d like to see that.

What Did I Do Well?

  • I organized each task clearly. I laid out outlines of tasks and what I needed to write. This helped me to avoid writer’s block.
  • I was detailed with my SOP and covered everything an employee would need to know to run the system. 
  • I did well on staying motivated. I pushed to make creativity strike and be able to write with energy.

What Could Be Improved?

One of my main goals in the project was to be ahead of schedule. I wanted to finish this project with a clear understanding of what worked for me and what didn’t. I accomplished this. I never truly felt ahead but I learned what doesn’t work. For example, I tend to bog myself down and not take breaks. I’ve worked to implement breaks into my everyday and it’s greatly improved my workflow. I hope to implement what I have learned throughout the course of this project in the future. 

Now what?

Would you like to see my project overview and closing thoughts?

Check out my landing page here!

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