Is Digital Note Taking Right For You?

What are the benefits of taking notes? Note taking can help you remember and process key points from a group of information. It can be a way for you to look back and physically show what you took away from something. A video, podcast, sermon, lesson, book, etc. 

I fully believe that notes can help to process and are great to keep to look back on. I take a lot of classes and notes are the best way to stay focused. 

Have you ever thought about keeping digital notes? I have notebooks and tried to create a system for them. I learned that digital notes would be best for my classes. Why? 

(Quick side note: I use Notion for my digital notes. There are different options out there and most of them have these perks)

  • Digital notes allow you to not have to worry about bad handwriting. I write so fast, it ends up just being scribbles. 
  • Digital notes allow you to be more portable. I can connect my computer with my phone, so I can add on the go without bringing a specific notebook.
  • Digital notes allow you to have millions of separate notes, organized by category. You can keep personal and school notes in separate sections. 
  • Digital notes allow you to search keywords. I know I heard a talk on procrastination, but what were the tips he gave? I can search for procrastination in my digital notes! You’d have to flip through pages to find that in a notebook.
  • Digital notes allow you to never run out of pages! You never have to worry about taking too many notes.

I’m not saying that digital notes are a perfect replacement for notebooks. Something about writing things down can be extremely beneficial. I recommend digital notes for notes you would like to be well organized, easily searchable and portable. A great example of this would be business notes. You can keep information about your business, to-dos, and resources all in one place. I highly recommend digital notes for business owners and students. Note taking in general isn’t for everyone. Digital note taking isn’t for everyone. If you think it might be for you, I encourage you to try it!

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