The Power Of Action

Actions speak louder than words. I believe we all live by this phrase. It’s one thing to say something. Acting on it is what really makes the difference. This applies to all aspects of life. 

This past week, I learned how important it is to act. When you say you will do something, do it. It’s amazing how much that says about your reliability and personality. Not only that, but action also applies in the perspective of learning something by doing it. My training this week has been mostly showing me what to do, then guiding me while I’m doing it. Actions speak louder than words can be processed in two different lights. I have learned that both are true this week. 

In my first week of work, I have been trained in the Customer Success side of my job. I have asked my team member questions and answered user’s questions. My team member was sick for a while, so I doubled down. I tried to cover as many bases as I could and ask straight forward questions. I have focused on organizing my day and creating a strict schedule. I am working on how to communicate and to whom. 

I attended Randy Hill’s Praxis Monday and it was about her career journey. I enjoyed her honesty about how, even with so much experience, she is still “figuring it out” and doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up. It’s so easy to think that once you get your goal, it will all work out. Life keeps going and it will never become easy or straight forward. It gives me more confidence that where I’m at right now, is a great place to be. I shouldn’t compare myself to anyone just because I think their life is easier. 

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