About Me

Hi! My name is Leah Davis

I’ve gotten so many questions.

People will ask their small talk questions and my answers are short. Short, but always provoke more questions. “Where do you go to school?” “Where are you going to college?” “What kind of job are you interested in?” “What did you do this summer?” “Are you doing any part-time jobs right now?” These are just a few of the questions I feel bombarded with regularly. I like to keep my answers as short as possible even though they are complicated. I can rarely give a short answer without further explanation. Why?

I’m different.

I don’t believe in “what everybody else is doing.” Everyone goes to public school. Everyone goes to college. Everyone knows what they want to be when they grow up. In my life, nothing has seemed straight forward. I’ve always felt that the mainstream route didn’t fit me.

Hello. In case you forgot, my name is Leah Davis. What school do I go to? I’m home-educated and learned to take control of my own education from a young age. I don’t adore school but I’ve always regarded knowledge as an important key to unlocking the world. Where am I going to college? I’m going to answer that question with more questions. Why go to college when what I want to do doesn’t require it? Why spend money on something that isn’t going to give me the experience I need to succeed? I’m doing Praxis because I want real-life skills. I want a community that is going to guide me on how to do my best at whatever I choose to do. Do you not know about Praxis? Check them out! Their website will be a lot more clear than I ever could be.

I’ve grown up on an acreage in Iowa. Never afraid to get my hands dirty and work hard. This has translated into many different parts of my life. I’ve done children’s ministry, where it takes insane amounts of patience, teamwork, drive, and prayer in order to accomplish anything. I’ve gone on mission trips, where the jobs weren’t fun. It rained every day but we tackled whatever we had to do with energy. I’ve babysat and done respite care, where the unexpected is expected and the ability to manage is a requirement. I’ve worked in food venues, where flexibility, teamwork, and learning as you go were essential. I’ve worked at my parent’s apartments, where I’ve learned to discern what kind of person will pay rent. Where I’ve discovered that taking risks is necessary in order to reach your goals. I know that if you work hard, research, and pray you can get anywhere in life. You just have to start somewhere.

The Key To Getting Ahead Is Getting Started…