How To Achieve Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero is the last part of this four blog series on “second brains”. What’s Inbox Zero? Inbox Zero is what we call keeping your email inbox at zero emails. This doesn’t mean you delete every email. It just means that you have the important emails archived and the unimportant ones in the trash. 

This may seem really intimidating and that is completely understandable! Trust me! Inbox Zero is worth it. I’m going to show you how to get there from wherever you are at! 

How many emails do you have in your inbox? Let’s work on that. If you want to dedicate straight hours to clearing it out, go right ahead. If you’re like me and are too intimidated or too busy to knock it all out at once, set out a plan. Set a reminder to check your email three times a day. Whenever you check it, commit to going through 10-20 emails. Do you want to archive it or delete it? Don’t forget to be decisive! 

Now you have Inbox Zero! How do you keep on top of emails? A big part of this is checking your inbox frequently. Set a reminder or create a habit of checking and deleting or archiving once a day. When you get an email from a store or a newsletter you don’t care about, unsubscribe! It’s easy to forget that you can do that! As you unsubscribe, less trash mail will come through your inbox. 

If you unsubscribe from junk mail and dedicate a couple minutes a day to keeping your inbox at zero, you’ll always stay on top of those important emails and stay organized!

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